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The Menschenlieb Concept

The future of care - here and now: making the best use of resources that are available to us and breaking new ground that makes much more possible!

We want to work together to develop a people-centered care concept that will give us all a better future - people in need of care as well as care workers - by:


  1. make better use of the framework set by care insurance funds and politicians for our work in the care sector,
  2. Create a new quality of care through intelligent team building combined with excellent nursing care
  3. Generate data and facts that will lead the way for our health care system and provide direction for future nursing care in our country.


"It's easy to sit on policy talk shows and use platitudes that are far from reality and don't improve the day-to-day work of nursing today or in the future."


With our Menschenlieb project, we want to inspire committed people to join our team, people who do their job with full conviction and heart and soul. Menschenlieb is a platform for creative ideas that can be presented, discussed and tried out in project groups with a group of motivated like-minded people.


We want to do instead of talk and act instead of react.

Graduated and experienced nurses as well as unskilled assistants - all need their appropriate place in the care structure.

In order to meet the challenges of the future, it is our task to develop a cycle in which studied nurses, professionally experienced nurses and unskilled assistants alike find their place in the care structure.

To achieve this, two pillars must be combined:

On the one hand, a modern working environment for the team - based on work motivations, modern ideas about a workplace, individual wishes for the future and self-determined working.

On the other hand, the common goal of developing competencies for professional care.

Only in this way will we manage to unleash a greater lobby for our great profession.

We will only professionalize medical and nursing care for people on the basis of a new way of working together in the healthcare system. Well-trained and highly competent caregivers are both important links and supporting pillars for this project.

Our Menschenlieb project aims to combine the two pillars mentioned above and offers corresponding space for people who want to put this idea into practice.


In caring for our patients, we do not think in terms of solitary services, such as providing medications or putting on compression stockings, but rather focus on our core task: seeing people in their entirety and accompanying them in a self-determined and fulfilling life.

Jos de Blok started in 2006

in the Netherlands with the Burtzoorg project

... with a similar approach. A study by Ernst & Young found that Burtzoorg's preventive approach and holistic view of clients resulted in a 40 percent reduction in care time, as opposed to the time prescribed by the physician up front. Caregivers knew their clients so well that hospital admissions were reduced by 30 percent. In conclusion, the way of working saved resources as well as provided the caregivers with a more satisfying work model.


Similar to what Burtzoorg has achieved in Holland, we would like to create a path for our patients and colleagues to a sustainable care culture based on the legal requirements in the German care system with the Menschenlieb project. We see this as a process, and on the way to a modern structure based on New Work, we will certainly make mistakes, hit dead ends, or correct our roadmap.


Our declared goal and motivation is to rise to the challenge and be considered a pioneer for a modern care structure that places its main focus on professionalizing the nursing profession.


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